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Including You Event Tent Including You Event Tent

The Including You Tent is a quiet, safe place for people who need some respite from the noise and crowds of large events. The tent is a space for people with disabilities, their families and carers, it can also be used by people with an illness or injuries, older people, parents with prams or anyone else who would like to relax.

The tent will be staffed by people who understand the value of inclusion and play a role in raising awareness amongst the broader community of the needs and challenges faced by people with disability, their families, friends and carers.

The Including You Tent was available at this year’s Steamfest and Taste festivals and will continue to be available at upcoming flagship events.

The Including You Event Tent can be a sanctuary for people who become overwhelmed by noise, smells, crowds, and other types of sensory input.

The Including You Event Tent contains several items such as:

  • Sensory space and tools – These resources assist children with neurological behavioural disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or a sensory processing disorder.
  • Teepees  
  • Fidget toys
  • Books  
  • Noise cancelling headphones.
  • Additional sensory objects like timers, spiky balls, glitter wands, cube ladders and wooden toys
  • Basic vision aids
  • Communication cards 
The Including You Event Tent promotes social inclusion by supporting more people to attend and participate in community events and raise disability awareness within the community.